Dog Behaviour Consultancy is a very proactive, dedicated team with regard to the wellbeing of all dogs, making it their #1 priority. They are headed up by Peter and assisted by Joyce and Beckie.


They are all passionate about dogs as well as being dog owners themselves.

Peter Hinkson Behaviour Consultant


Because we regard the wellbeing of all dogs our #1 priority. We subscribe to the belief of dominance in dogs, pack structure and the idea that dogs require leading not dominating. We beleive in reward, consequence of actions and an element of compultion. We also consider the natural physicality of dogs when choosing how to calmly disagree with or correct unwanted behaviour.



We at Dog Behaviour Consultancy try to prevent any possible behavioural problems occuring in the future with our advice in helping you choose the right breed of dog in the first place and our one to one training courses that will guide you through the early days of your pups life. It is paramount that your dog is a good fit within your family unit and that you fully understand their needs.


However, if you are already experiencing unwanted behaviour with your existing dog then all is not lost we can help with a one to one consultation and treatment plan.

149 St Annes Rd East,

Lytham St Annes, FY8 3HW

Tel: 01253 461590

E-mail: peterl@dog-behaviour.org